marexAurela Gace, Albanian singer was born in Llakatund, Vlore in October 16, 1974. She started singing at the age of 4 and half, in a festival for children in her city Vlore. Throughout her childhood she participated and often won many children’s competitions for singing.

Aurela had her own mind set, even during her younger years she often did the opposite of what people wanted her to do. Her mind was only focused on singing. Aurela was driven to become a singer. At the age of 19, she participated at the biggest music festival on national TV in Tirane. Four months later, she competed and won in the “Spring Festival 94”. Aurela’s real success began with her song “Nata” in “Fest 95”. From then on she won 2 first place prizes in “Fest 99” with her song “S’jam tribu” and in “Fest 01” with her song “Ndjej”.
She won second place in “Fest 98” with the song “Fati yne shprese e marrezi”. Aurela also received 3rd place prizes in “Fest 96” with the song “Me jeten dashuruar” and in “Fest 98” with the song “E pafajshme jam”. Aurela also possessed acting abilities since she was a child, and this allowed her to win 3 special awards based on her interpretations of her songs in the festivals, and also a special award from Top Albania Radio.

Aurela to further promote her albums, she performed in 2 live solo concerts. They were held at “Pallati i Kongreseve” in Tirane, in 1998 and 2000. In 2000, Aurela proved that school for the arts was the right choice for her, and she graduated that year, with a degree in Drama, at the “Academy of Beautiful Arts” in Tirane.  She released 2 albums in 1998, and in 2000 with 2 other albums. Aurela’s style of singing varies from pop to folk.
2002 Aurela decided to go in U.S.A
For Aurela, America was a new start. She quickly gained popularity in the Albanian community due to her tremendous voice, and electrifying performances, starting from clubs, concerts all over the US, and private events. In 2004, Aurela performed both the Albanian and American national anthems, at an event with President Bill Clinton. Recently in March 2007, the well known photographer Fadil Berisha, organized a special concert, and chose Aurela, to pay a tribute, to legendary Albanian singers Vace Zela and Nexhmije Pagarusha. All the proceeds went to the honorees.

After 5 years, Aurela made the comeback of the year as a special guest in the festival where she started her career. A year later she went back only to win first prize on the well-known competition “Kenga Magjike” with a song titled “Hape Veten” wich turned out to be a huge hit.
She released her sixth album titled “Mu Thane Syte “
Even though she was spending  most of the time in N.Y the long distance didn’t stop her from  working on new projects . On 2010 she released a new single called “ ORIGINALE “ which became the best hit of the year and later the best song in        “ BALKAN MUSIC AWARDS “  having  five and half million views on YouTube channel .
2010 also made her the winner of the 49th National Festival  with the song titled “ Kenga Ime  “ . This gave her the opportunity to represent Albania in Eurovision 2011 in Germany .

Aurela believes , God gave her a precious gift, the talent for singing. She hopes to reach other’s spirits by sharing her gift.