(released in 2008 by SUPERSONIC).

This album came as a result of some new songs created for my comeback after 6 years absence on the Albanian stage. These songs gave me the opportunity to enjoy once more the missed warm applause of the public,such as “Hape veten” (the winner of “Magic song” festival).
In this album I’m very honest, open minded in what I bring as a person, as a woman.The Song “Bosh” is a creation that made me grow up and reach this point of honesty and sensitivity. I was helped to better express myself with the music created by Ardit Gjebrea and lyrics of Timo Flloko.

“Mu Thane Syte” sent me back to my first love , to the beautiful  polyphony of my hometown. I know…  I’m going to sing it as long as I can breath.
Source author Feti Brahimi gave me the opportunity to take advantage from this priceless diamond of our music.


cd6Ne nder te Nexhmije Paragushes dhe Vace Zeles








(Released in 2001 by discography shop “Shqipja 2000”)

I am so into trying different kinds of music I like to take risks…create inside creations of my closest coworkers Adrian Hila and Jorgo Papingji, let them help me build a treasure of my own. Can’t forget Kristi, Elton Deda,Sokol Marsi…with this album I tried to touch many social subjects that made me rebel and rise my voice against reality and those society wounds that disturbed me…subjects that are actual at every time.






(Released in 1998 by discography shop “Shqipja 2000”)

This is a compilation of songs that gave me success in public, songs that I’m torn apart for and spent many sleepless nights till they got approved by the public and festival juries…I’m happy to look back in time and see years of common work with the best Albanian music authors such as Adrian Hila,Ferdinad Deda,Flamur Shehu,Markeljan Kapedani,…I see that I’ve taken a little bit of the poets souls, Jorgo Papingji,Agim Doci, Ilirjan Zhupa e Shpetim Rroqi.





(Released in 2001 by discography shop “Shqipja 2000”)

With years going by I realized that music of my country would become an inseparable part of me. Having realized that I decided to go on with selection of the most beautiful folk songs picking from one county to another… what can I say… I love my country music.(coworker Kristi,Edmond Zhulali)






cd4OH NENE (Oh Mother, or as it is known in Kosovo, Open the Heart)
(Released in 1998 by discography shop “Shqipja 2000”)

I have chosen old folk and city songs , songs that used to give me goose bumps when I was listening from the old singers, songs that would bring me tears and smile in the same time…and so I decided for the first time to sing my Vlora’s rare polyphony…and also to sing for Kosovo’s drama , by the lyrics of Kosovo born poet Azem Shkreli and music by Hysni Zela… it was the time when nobody could ignore series of tragic events that Albania and Kosovo were  going through… it was impossible…


I thank all my coworkers that gave me a piece of their spirit… I wouldn’t have done it without you!